Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The latest news now is that we are on the home stretch. The 100 "Wee Ones" finished some time ago and now on that last push to sell the remaining 20 or so.
There was a major boost to the project this month in the inclusion in the leading Magazine for those who love all things coastal. Coast Magazine.

Here is the small, but perfect formed feature from the November issue of the the magazine 

Lots of interest and enquiries arrived in my mailbox after this months edition came out.  It was a welcome and a real boost when things had started to slow a bit.  I always knew that keeping up the momentum of interest was going to be a big challenge.
The very nature of the project has meant that a number of customers have contacted me only to find that their favourite location has gone. This was always going to be problem and have decided to make a couple of detours from the 100 so if you are keen to purchase a Wee One and you see something you love gone. CONTACT ME! I have been prepared to paint a couple extra pieces on the same terms as the original Wee Ones.  Lets call them the Wee Extras!!!!  If we can continue to raise money for MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT then why say no.

So contact me if you still interested in purchasing and I will see if I can accommodate the request.

This is a short but sweet entry , as much to show the project is still alive and kicking and I haven't slipped under the waves.

All the details  check out the main body of the blog too.
Quick link to images see below:

Glasgow Oct 2013

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