Saturday, 8 February 2014

Are we there yet???? Well almost

As we entered the new year the project is nearing its end. The early months of the year are usually quiet for artists and this year was no exception.
I plan to close the project down in the next week, the remaining work about 10 pieces will be available for a short while beyond the close. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you check out the blog as I am open to painting one or two "Extras" beyond the original Wee Ones especially since the publication of the March Issue of Coast Magazine who used my work for their feature on the "Colours of the Sea"

I have an extra "Brighton Picture which was painted for a customer who decided not to proceed.

The piece available is extremely similar the original pictured below. I can send an image the new piece to anyone who might be interested.

Here is the direct link to the flickr page :

For further information feel free to contact me first by email either by the address below or via the website.


Artists website -

Many thanks for all the support and touching emails that people have sent regarding their own experiences with cancer.

My wishes and thoughts are with you all.

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